New Energy Art

Multidimensional Energy Impressions

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You can get your personal plAyRTwork! I create an artwork for you, your child, loved one, family, friend or co-worker.

It's always surprising, playful and in my SPlash Splash plAyRt style! You never know what you gonna get but you know for sure it sparkles, that it's full of color and that it's sticky. Just like with an Energy Impression I focus myself on the energy of a person and I create a special painting.


It's about just having fun in the moment with paint and toys.

The technique is different than with digital art. I use all kind of materials next to each other. Glue, leafs, glitter, paint, crayon, pencils, fingers, a string, little toys etc.

These works are sometimes 3 dimensional and often have a refreshing texture.


PlAyRT is fun, playful and full of action. A personal artwork costs 160 euro- 220 us dollar incl. shippingcosts worldwide. The sizes are 30 by 40 cm- 11.8 by 15.7 inch  

It's possible to order other sizes, please contact me for the price.


You can order a personal plAyRtwork here or contact me.

the ultimate

drawing outside the lines



The Art of Playing and Being

This is my early work.

I was 4 years old when I made this.

"Janneke is a girl"


This plAyRT work is from last year 2009

A selection of my plAyRt work