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Walk in Grace

"There before the grace of you, go I" said the Human Angel to the souls. And she walked her road in proud.

With her head up high. When she fall, she stood up. When she couldn't walk, she surrended. When mud came on her face and covered her heart in black, she surrendered to the dark. And with that she brought a huge gift to the universe and illuminated that what was hidden for ions. She embraced that what didn't want to be seen, that what no one choosed to experience: The Grace of Being Human. With complete knowledge and experience of all that is. She knew she experienced it all, already. That she was done, that it was over. And still. She came. To Walk in Grace on planet Earth. Not alone this time, but with all her interdimensional friends and with complete knowledge of the portals in every cell. There is no time. There is Grace. And you're here to experience it. Surrender to the dark and you will experience light in it's purest form.  Unity Consciouness is here. It can be felt in forgetting, in remembering. In all that is. In you. There before the grace of you, go I.