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Swirling thing

Rainbow vortex and portal for nice things

May 2008

It's free playing under the rainbow. When I was feeling happy and just created new stuffed animals I traveled to the word where toys are made. I went to the portal for nice things and discovered there a treasure of nice and cool playingthings. Swirling spirals that moved on sound, with little bells that changed into furry balls.


I saw something I recognized, a rainbow, that I have on my belly. When you push on that you get cool ideas and you will feel yourself an eternal child. You can put the rainbow also in your room. Then the light shines from your hands.


I decided to record this. So that I will be every day in a playfullmood.


It hangs now as a painting in my room. It's a happy and bubbly painting where the energy and colors are shining off. Now and then there fly's  a superidea out of it. A new duckie, bracelet or little friend or rabbit the stuffed animal.