New Energy Art

Multidimensional Energy Impressions

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  • are a visual representation of your multi and interdimensional soul

  • reflects the wholeness of who you really are

  • clears stuck energy in yourself, rooms, buildings, energies and

          multidimensional space

  • incl creative written description of the energy

  • be sure to read my shopping policy before commiting to purchase

About Soul Pictures

The tone of a kiss and the color of your soul

How would your name look like when it's translated in shape, in form, in sound?

What would you hear when the feeling of your soul is translated in in color and frequency?

What if what we experience with our senses, is just a tiny tiny part of the full multi sensory experience?

Welcome in my world. With my visual soulpictures I share this experience. I translate frequencies in form and color.

I invite you to dive into new unexplored worlds inside yourself.

 To discover beauty, treasures and a new experience of life.

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Examples of Soul Pictures. Shown with customers permission.

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