New Energy Art

Multidimensional Energy Impressions

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A new healing energy enters our reality on earth. Silverlight are swirling balls that work with our immune system. It clears our body and wiring, so that the pure potentials come to the surface again. It's a light super power boost that works on all levels of the being. Our body's need to adjust to this energy, that is a new light, that will slowly enter our reality and will be perceived with new senses. It doesn't come from the outside, it will radiate from the core of our molecules. This energy impression is an activation to wake up the Silverlight in your soul, in all dimensions if you choose. It is a very strong energy, that is lighter than a feather, and works with you on a very close level. It's very subtle, and you can experience weird sensations, like hearing high sounds, as if there are huge radars at work in your body. Only work with it if you feel ready to do so. You don't want to push it, cause how harder we push, the harder it will hit us. It's different than the crystal energy, that is more connected to mother earth, the new earth and our original being. It's related to the crystal energy, like siblings.

Silverlight is the base energy from an other planet- home and reality, that lies close to the energy of the gnomes, surprisingly enough. Silverlight can be seen as a part of evolved gnomes from the far far future. Once we believe their task of holding the energy of earth is over, they will move on. With other words: Silverlight is also working with other aspects of the gnomes and tiny flowers, that can be accessed already, as all is one. It's also the base of new energy resources in other reality's. Silverlight activates your molecules, and it's as if there are healing discs swimming in your multidimensional body.

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