New Energy Art

Multidimensional Energy Impressions

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Do you want to buy an plAyRTwork? That is possible. Please contact me here.


You can get your personal plAyRTwork! I create an artwork for you, your child, loved one, family, friend or co-worker.

It's always surprising, playful and in my Splash Splash plAyRt style!

the ultimate

drawing outside the lines



The Art of Playing and Being

What happens when you put  me in a room with paint, paper, canvas and little stuff? This.

Glitter, feathers, little strings, stickers, fingerpaint= plAyRt

Anything goes. Everything is possible. Everything is art. It's my pure expression in the moment.

Unpolished. Raw sometimes in contrast with my digital art. In essence it's the same:

The expression of my magical inner and outer world.

It's a ride through a landscape of moods, dreamworlds, magical beings and music.

It's the voice of all my senses that speaks to you into color and shapes.


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rosegardennsmall playtime ikboom houboom3 thuisboom

Home Tree

Me Tree

Love Tree

snap je dat ik expansie wil

Do you understand I want expansion?

playrt spirosplash curlswirl

Gummy Bear


Curly Swirl

adamandeve depoezenendeplanten ikvergefmij2

I forgive me

Adam & Eve

The plants and the animals

dolfijnglitterzwemmen janneke miraclesaregolden


Miracles are golden

Glitter Dolphins

eksmouitdefles harrie-1 loveme2

I love me

Eks and Mo in a bottle

It's a party in hell


Miep 4 year

paarsswirls2 crystalhypnose

Purple Swirls

Crystal Hypnose

hell id gardenoftruth sacred icecubes befree


Be Free

Interdimensional garden of truth

Sacred Icecubes



collectie link playrt boom2

PlAYRT Toys Pictures

Sugar Tree Sketch

Dogs are Sweet / Hondjes zijn lief


Google Queen


feestcompleet googlequeen swirl