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You can get your personal plAyRTwork! I create an artwork for you, your child, loved one, family, friend or co-worker.

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the ultimate

drawing outside the lines



Play Time

Glitter and Glamour. Are toys kids? Are kids toys? Spread all the glitter you want. Stuffed animals can bite and be the seductive munition you want to keep out your house.


Miracles are golden. When smiles are fake they freeze all the glitter and turns it into a killer of the soul. There is something going on in Play Time...

The spell of Barbie's fairytale is broken. Blood can't be covered by fancy shiny treasures. Once your eyes are taken it leaves dark holes. They didn't put  plasters on it, but putted diamonds in it.


You're a toy and they cut you open. Pinned you on the wall to show you as a treasure. Fake lipstick covers your mouth. Hairspray in your young long blond fake wig. Let's play. Let's put you on high heels. Give you a dress. Let's undress you and make pictures. Are kids barbies?

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