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You can get your personal plAyRTwork! I create an artwork for you, your child, loved one, family, friend or co-worker.

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Do you understand I want Expansion?

Snap je dat ik expansie wil?- Do you understand I want expansion?


"You must understand I don't have to be happy to be happy"


Love has many sides. Happiness comes in many ways. Free love is letting people be the best they can be. When you feel you restrict them with your beliefs or actions, have the courage to let them go. Expansion breaks out of every limited situation.

When we force people to laugh when they feel sad, or be sad when they are happy we also limit them. For me happiness is more than laughing. It's a deep feeling inside that no matter where you are or what you are going through or have experienced, you know all is well.

That you are playing a part in a big play, and that you have the choice to hold on to the expected, the script you got, or that you break free, to be who you want to be. Do you understand I want expansion?


Last year I cut the final cords that kept me in a limited experience, that kept me small inside a cage of expectations. I freed myself from supposed to do, and what others wanted me to do, I freed myself from the need to achieve goals, to work, to study, to be everything that I'm not. I gave myself the freedom of being a full-time artist and writer. It takes time to get used to this new freedom. As I was always dictated by rules, written and unwritten. I internalized these rules and kept repeating them. These beliefsystems weren't serving me anymore. They are rigid and strong.


But I know one power that is stronger than anything else: love and creativity. Those two keep me vivid, bright and alive. They make me happy. It's the source of creation. As long is I breath, I will create beautiful things. I will see the beauty in everything. And you don't need to see beauty for that, as you don't need to be happy to be happy. It's already here. Always. In everything. Beating on the drum of your hearth. It's the rythm in your veins.

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snap je dat ik expansie wil