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Energy Activations

Energy Activation Prints are activations specially for your multi and inter dimensional soul. It works totally personal focused on you. An Energy Activation Print is made for you and the 'group' collection of souls that works with the same energy.

Activations open up energy inside yourself you wasn't aware of before. They work on a deep emotional level and they work inter and multi dimensional.

When you order an Energy Activation I start to make a personal design. When it's finished it will be shown in the Gallery, it can be seen and ordered by others that work with the same energy or theme. An Energy Activation supports and reflects your highest potential in the moment. They can be used next to a Soul Picture. It's possible to give me a theme or subject to work with. You also can let me tune in to you, to let the highest potential of your soul unfold. I work in a loving way with your soul energy.

It can feel nice to put the Energy Activation Prints on different places in your house. This way you are reminded at your own beauty and greatness all the time.


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Energy Activation Prints are available in different sizes.

Energy Activation print small     13,9 x 10,7 cm (5,47 x 4,21 inch)   $45            (you get 3 the same glossy prints)

Energy Activation print medium  21,6 x 13,9 cm  (8,5 x5,47 inch)    $100          (you get 5 the same glossy  prints)



More about Energy Activations

Some energy's aren't manifested on earth yet. This might sounds weird in an universe where time doesn't exist. It just means that they aren't downloaded in the mass or individual consiouness. Sometimes they are with one person who shares it with more people. It can be in crystals, in new animals, in water, it is in everything. We perceive those energy's on an unconscious level sometimes. Other times we are aware of it in our dreams, multi dimensional travels or visions etc. We are one, whole and complete. We don't need to be activated, as we already embody every energy. Being a divine essence in a human body we all can play with all energy's. That is fun!


Every person has special energy's with them. They are like vibrations that are totally unique. Those energy's can come from previous, paralel, future life times and universes. The soul can acces those energy's when we open up to our completeness. When we become aware that every molecule is a portal and vortex, we can invite new energy's in our now moment on earth. We can give the vortex and portal a certain vibration, that makes it possible for matching beings or energy's to enter our reality.


When we download new energy's in our reality things can change really heavily. We can feel it on a physical level. Things really will change in your life. We have free choice at all time. Sometimes we want to push these energy's and forget to take time for our body to adjust to it. Grounding new energy's is very valueble when we want to enjoy them and work with them. There is a time for everything. Sometimes you experience new energy's and beings, that are so new, that you want to keep it for yourself, until you feel that the time is right to share them with others. With the raise in vibration of humanity and the earth, new energy's will come to earth, others will leave. We can't push the river in this.

It can create a feeling of being one with all, and still being alone, by downloading unique vibrations from the universe.                                                                                  It's not about being exclusive, it's more about finding your resonation in the universe. Some people will work with well known energy's as angels, aliens, species and civilazations we know, and others will work with new energy's that haven't got a reference on earth yet. Both mean so much to the entire omniverse. We are one.


My way of downloading energy's is by creating these energy impressions and to write about it. Most of the time I don't have words, and no color can radiate the shine and love that I experience with working with these energy's. I just know they are very powerfull and that I am honored to be able to do this 'play' work. I looked for a labels and was unable to find it. I red about angels and et's and all the planets and red so many books. Yet, there are no letters and colors that match the beings and universes and pieces of one that I experienced. I know that some day I will have the words and I will be able to create the colors and I know even more, that they will not matter.

For there is a new way of communication that is born, a new way of oneness, that can't be translated into duality, or in the way we experience matter. I treasure it in my heart, like a seed that is a flower at the same time, like a new star in the sky.

There is so much yet undiscovered in the omniverse. Unity has so many beautifull facets, like a diamant, that swirls in the universe, reflecting love in all shades.


From my heart to yours, with love,


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