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Crystal Cave of Creation

The source, the origine and the gumballmachine

May 2008

I like to make these Impressions while listening to music or the radio.  This time I was listening to a channel from Lee Caroll about the Crystal Cave of Creation.  Kryon was talking about it and I was dreaming about  that beautiful place.


It’s a cave or palace with all kind of niches. I was there before when I rewrote my past and future ablout a half a year ago. I decided that I just wanted to play and create nice stuff. To be an expression from who I really am in the here and now.


In your own niche there is a crystal with the memory of who you ever were, who you are right now and in there is stored what you want to do and experience.


I made contact with my crystal and I saw the passion and colors flying around. I putted a coin in it and there came an endless stream of gumballs rolling out of it. They all had a funny joke hidden inside them. It’s one big party!


In every experience there is a gift, an insight. If you look for it you can find it. You learn from everything who you really are. You learn to choose and decide what you want.


How uncool it seems at first sight, when you change your perspective and look at things from a different angle, everything is cool! Than tears are like orange lemonade and pain is like a chocolatefountain.

Your core, your origin, all the things you ever experienced and will experience is 1 potential party! It’s free from pain and diseases or anything else. It’s a white empty canvas and you can decide what you want to paint on it.


This impression is a representation of the core essence of human existence. It’s free from karma, diseases or contracts. That is why this impression is healing.  It can activate processes inside of you that assist you in letting go of old believesystems. It works through time and space. This impressions has effect on all aspects of you.