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About my art


There is only Freedom


I love to play! My art is all about that. It's an intuitive expression in the moment. As artist I play

with different mediums. I see the world as my play ground and everything in it is my tool.

I create different kinds of art. Digital Soul Pictures behind my tablet or pc and PlAyRT in my studio

with my hands covered in glue, glitter, paint, sounds and all kind of objects.  As graphic designer

at my company Mirri Designs I create websites and graphics for clients world wide.

For me my art is all about grounding. When I create I'm translating an idea, thought and feeling into a visual and sensory expression of that moment.


You could say I experience the world in a multidimensional way as artist. I live with both feet in different worlds when I create my art. The world of oneness, of a space, shape and timeless state of being, this earth world and everything in between. When I create I'm choosing from an entire spectrum of colors, shapes, textures, all representing different dimensions and than I'm creating a new world from those aspects.


"You may say that I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will be as one"- John Lennon


I simply want to make the world more beautiful. To share the beauty of expression, our imagination and other dimensions, who are so connected to our world. It is what it is: an invitation for you to explore new ground.

About my Soul Pictures

The tone of a kiss and the color of your name


How would your name look like when it's translated in shape, in form, in sound? What would you hear when the feeling of a kiss is translated in tones? What if what we experience with our senses, is just a tiny tiny part of the full multi sensory experience? Welcome in my world. With my art I share this experience. I invite you to dive into new unexplored worlds inside yourself. To discover beauty, treasures and a new experience of life.

Explore my Soul Pictures here.



About my PlAyRT!

The ultimate drawing outside the lines


What happens when you put  me in a room with paint, paper, canvas and little stuff? Just watch!

Glitter, feathers, little strings, stickers, fingerpaint= plAyRt. Anything goes. Everything is possible. Everything is art. It's my pure expression in the moment. Unpolished. Raw sometimes in contrast with my Soul Picture digital art. In essence it's the same: The expression of my magical inner and outer world.  It's a ride through a landscape of moods, dream worlds, other vibes and music. It's the voice of all my senses that speaks to you into color and shapes.

Explore my PlAyRT here.

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